What’s Big Drop all about?

We’re on a mission to make non-alcoholic craft brews that taste incredible. Brews that are big on flavor and personality, but never more than 0.5% ABV. From our base in the UK, we partner with innovative brewers around the world to take non-alcoholic enjoyment to new heights. We create big-tasting brews that make you say ‘yes!’

How does Big Drop achieve 0.5% ABV?

Unlike some brewers, we do not use a process to de-alcoholize our brews. We skillfully and carefully formulate our brews from the yeast we use and the fermentable sugars used so that the reaction is limited, thus naturally ensuring we do not exceed 0.5% ABV in our brews.  


Where is Big Drop brewed?

We use contract brewing to ensure that our brews are made as close to our consumers as possible for quick delivery, quality control, and to help with our ecological footprint. We currently brew in the UK, Australia, and the USA. We are always looking to expand our markets. 


Why do you use lactose in some of your brews?

We strive to generate the most true-to-style, highest-quality, products we can. To achieve this, we feel this is best done by brewing our brews naturally. Brewing non-alcoholic brews naturally requires a stable fermentable sugar. Lactose is one of these sugars due to the lack of hydrolyzing, meaning the reaction with yeast is limited and thus ensuring we don’t exceed 0.5%. We use lactose powder not only for the stability that it brings to the finished product, but also to the added natural sweetness and mouthfeel, which is often missing from ‘watery’ non-alcoholic versions of classic beer styles. 


Are any of your brews vegan?

We are always trying to innovate processes and develop new products in order to make our range as accessible and inclusive as possible, whether this be gluten free or vegan friendly.

However, at present all of our brews include lactose powder. We are working on expanding our global offerings and that includes vegan brews in the future. 

Are your brews low in gluten?

We do have a selection of low gluten brews available, these contain the gluten PPM below the ingredients list on each product page. At present, all of our brews contain a gluten value of less than 20PPM, the legal volume considered safe in products under UK & EU legislation for those whom suffer with gluten intolerances or allergies. In the USA, we’re unable to label our brews as gluten free due to labeling legislation. 

Our brews are derived from gluten-containing products including – wheat, barley, and oats. However, our brews are specifically prepared and processed to reduce the gluten content so that the final gluten content on our products are below 20 PPM.

Our grain and malt bills are considerably smaller than those of normal beers which in turn decreases the gluten content in our final product. Alongside this, we use specially treated wheat and barley, coupled with a strenuous filtration method to remove gluten particulates prior to packaging; therefore, allowing them to be enjoyed by those on a low gluten diet or those who suffer from gluten intolerance.

As with any allergies, we do advise caution.